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Legionnaires Disease

What is it?

Essentially this is a rare form of pneumonia also knows as Legionellosis and is potentially fatal although only, thankfully, in a minority of cases.

How did I get it?

Air conditioning systems, whirlpool baths, showers and cooling towers are all potential sources of this disease. Basically any water vapour that has been contaminated with bacteria is a cause for concern. If the bacteria reach the lungs it can cause Legionnaires although it cannot be passed from person to person.

What are the symptoms?

The incubation period is between 2 and 10 days with intial symptoms akin to flu such as headaches, muscular pain and feeling unwell. This may well be followed by a fever and chills with nausea and an upset stomach to follow.

By two to three days you might have a dry cough and breathing difficulties together with mental problems such as confusion, memory loss, disorientation and hallucinations.

Can it be treated?

Yes with antibiotics although recovery will take several weeks.

Can I get compensation?

Yes. If it is a workplace then your employer might well be liable to compensate you. If it is a shop or public building then the occupant of the building might well be liable.

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