When Steve Higham planned a weekend away with his old work colleagues, he didn’t think his friends would be administering first aid for him or that he would end up making a claim for personal injury.

In September 2022, Steve Higham had gone to County Durham with a group of friends. The plan was to have a few days away, doing some walking and hiking.

The group had booked a cottage and when they arrived, they had to park their car further down the road as there were no spaces available outside the house.

As the group walked along, there was a car parked with two wheels on the pavement, and as Steve walked past it, he walked into a road sign on a post at the edge of the pavement. The sign was at head height and Steve suffered quite a severe head injury.

He was bleeding from a gash to his head and his friends said that they wanted to take him to hospital. Steve didn’t want to ruin the break away for his friends so one of his friends who was first aid trained, dressed the wound for him. The rest of the break went smoothly, but Steve was unable to do some of the hikes he had planned.

When he returned home, his wife told him that he should log into Durham Council’s website and send them the photos of the sign and of his injuries. The response from the Council was a very short one – it simply said that the accident was not their fault and there were no faults with their signs.

Shortly after the council’s reply, Steve was put in touch with SSB Law and was told that they would deal with a claim on his behalf. After a number of months of waiting for information from SSB, Steve was under the impression that his case wasn’t worth pursuing – he didn’t receive any calls or information regarding his claim and at the beginning of 2024, he saw the news articles about the collapse of SSB.

Steve’s case was passed over to Steve Evans at WE Solicitors and in June 2024, his claim was settled in his favour.

Speaking from his home in Chorley. Steve said “The people at WE have been great. Steve and Rachel kept me fully informed and I have been very impressed with them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”.

Steve still has the scar from the injury – one of his grandchildren calls it his ‘Nike tick’ such is the shape of his scar.

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