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Commercial Law

Time and again, commercial clients have benefited from our refreshing approach.

Whether your cashflow is suffering due to unpaid invoices or you are facing  litigation or disputes, we can help take away the stress and resolve the issue.

WE Solicitors are dedicated to providing businesses of all sizes with straightforward and effective legal advice. No matter which service you require, our expert advice and representation is coupled with a charging structure that will not leave your business facing extortionate legal bills.

While it may be tempting to go it alone or even just hope the problem goes away, your business and even your personal life are likely to suffer without professional help when it comes to legal matters.

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Commercial Disputes

Your business is involved in a commercial dispute. It’s never ideal, but sometimes it’s inevitable.

To get you and your business through times like these, expert assistance from a law firm with a clear and understandable approach is invaluable.

WE Solicitors can help you resolve disputes as and when they arise. You don’t want a difficult situation made worse, which is why we use negotiation and mediation to avoid court proceedings wherever possible. Our advice considers your business in context, rather than focusing on a particular area of law, so you can be confident that all angles are covered.

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Debt Recovery

Unpaid invoices are a real headache and can cause cashflow that hit your business hard.

If you are having difficulty collecting overdue payments, why not get in touch with our experienced team?

WE Solicitors know the importance of healthy cashflow to the success of your business. We discuss how best to collect your debts whilst safeguarding relationships wherever possible. We aim to advise you in the context of your business as a whole rather than solely on the law relating to a particular area.

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Price Transparency - Debt Recovery work

All debt recovery work is supervised by David Wingate who is a solicitor and partner in the firm. David has over 20 years experience in litigation work. David’s basic hourly rate is £255/hour*. David qualified in 1998 and has specialised in litigation for the entirety of his career. In the past five-years David has spent 50% of his time involved in commercial disputes.

David has acted for a range of companies from small businesses to insurers. The range of value of the disputes dealt with by David is between £15,000 and £500,000

Whilst David retains overall control of your case, he is assisted by paralegals. The hourly rate for a paralegal is £126/hour*.

There are many routes by which a debt might be recovered. The three most common are court proceedings, statutory demand and winding up petitions. This firm does not do fixed price debt recovery work.

Charges if the debt is not disputed – statutory demands and winding up petitions

1. Statutory demand (under £25,000 in value) – the firm will draft and serve a statutory demand for the fixed price of £750 plus VAT. This will include meeting with you, assessing the merits of serving a demand and thereafter serving it. If the recipient then disputes that monies are owed, then this will not be covered by the demand. There are no court fees or other additional charges.

If the sum claimed is in excess of £25,000 then we will provide you with a fixed quote upon application.

2. Winding-up Petition – If the debtor does not respond to the statutory demand then you might consider serving a winding-petition. The costs involved are far greater than those involved with a statutory demand. The court fees are up to £300 and you also have to lodge a deposit of £1,500 at the court. There are also fees involved in having to instruct a barrister to attend any court hearing and also advertising the petition in the London Gazette. The overall cost of brining an undefended petition will be in the region of £4,500 (inclusive of time, disbursements and VAT).

If the petition is defended then there may well be far more time and expense involved, none of which can be recovered if the debtor has no assets.

Charges if the debt is disputed

3. Court proceedings

During the life of a case you will be charged for* (but it is not limited to):-

• Information gathering and investigations;
• Advise on the merits of your case;
• Corresponding with any parties involved (such as the defendant, the court and barristers);
• Preparation of documents and papers (such as witness statements and instructions to counsel);
• Attending court either with or without a barrister;
• Photocopying; 
• Court fees; and
• Dealing with legal costs won or lost.

The overall amount that you will be charged depends upon how much information gathering that you do yourself, the complexity of your case and how long your case goes on for. A case can take anywhere from a few months to a few years.

A £15,000 value case (with no expert evidence needed) can cost £25,000 to get to trial (inclusive of VAT, court fees, and disbursements). This would break down as:-


Time Disbursements VAT
Pre issue costs £7,000 £1,000 £1,600
Issue £1,000 £3,500 £350
1st hearing £1,000 £750 £350
Disclosure £1,000 £200
Statements £2,000 £400
Listing £750 £560 £150
Trial £750 £2,500 £700
£13,500 £8,560 £3,750
Grand Total £25,810


The court issue fee in a £15,000 case would be £3,000 (5% of the value of the claim). If you are a business then you may be able to offset the costs against tax and offset your liability for VAT. If you are not VAT registered then you may be able to recover the VAT from the debtor.

The initial stages, up until court proceedings, are relatively easy to keep costs down. However, once proceedings are issued then costs quickly rise. If proceedings become necessary then you will get an estimate of the cost as the case gets to each stage of court proceedings and ultimately trial.

Even if you win, not all of your legal fees will be recoverable. There is a certain element of legal fees that the defendant will not be ordered to pay but that you will remain responsible for. We will not charge you for liaising with the defendant about recovering your legal costs and damages (if you win) unless costs proceedings become necessary and or enforcement action become necessary. The costs of enforcement action and/or costs proceedings are case specific and we will provide you with a written quote should such action become necessary. 

*VAT is chargeable in addition (where applicable).


“A first-rate solicitor, leading a first-rate team. Thorough, dedicated, hard-working lawyer who is down-to-earth and always accessible to clients. Has the unique distinction of looking at insuperable legal problems with novel eyes. Never gives up and produces results which go beyond your expectations. Highly recommended!

Ravinder Kaur

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Commercial Law

Commercial Law

We are dedicated to providing businesses of all sizes with straightforward and effective legal advice. No matter which legal service you require we are here to help and advise you.

Personal Law

Personal Law

When you need a lawyer, you want to turn to someone you can trust. Whatever your situation, WE Solicitors understand what you are going through and have the experience to help.

Regulatory Law

Regulatory Law

We have been where you are now and we understand what you are going through. It’s all too easy to be overwhelmed, but it is crucial that you take advice straight away if your regulator has contacted you.

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