From Fabricator to Fighter: A Personal Injury Success Story

I recently had the privilege of representing a client whose case was transferred to We Solicitors following the closure of his previous solicitors, who had gone into administration.

My client had been employed as a fabricator and was working on constructing a shipping container when an unfortunate accident occurred. A metal sheet, being lifted into place with the help of a magnet, fell and severed the top of his right middle finger. At the time when the case was transferred to us, his employers, acting through their insurance, had already accepted liability, and legal proceedings were already in motion. The case had been designated for the Court Fast Track, typically reserved for cases valued at up to £25,000.

Ordinarily, compensation for the loss of the top of a middle finger might be capped at £24,990 or the injury’s assessed value itself. However, after a thorough review of the case, it became evident that the claim’s true worth had been underestimated. The Claimant was grappling with issues related to dexterity and persistent pain in the amputated part of his finger. These problems exacerbated in cold conditions or when the finger was subjected to any form of impact—a situation he frequently encountered due to the physical demands of his job, which required constant use of his hands.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, I promptly filed an application to have the case reclassified to the Court Multi Track, designated for cases exceeding £25,000 in value. I also sought the Court’s permission to procure expert medical opinions, specifically from a chronic pain specialist and a prosthetic expert. The aim was to determine whether the claimant could benefit from a prosthetic finger.

The prosthetic expert recommended a prosthetic PIP Driver, with an estimated cost of approximately £12,000 for its creation and fitting. To expedite the process, I requested an interim payment from the defendant’s insurance so that the claimant could obtain the prosthetic driver. This device proved to be a game-changer, vastly improving his dexterity and, in his own words, was nothing short of a revelation.

Both sides engaged multiple experts to provide reports, and once the evidence was finalized, the parties agreed to meet for settlement negotiations, avoiding the necessity of a formal court trial.

The final outcome was immensely favorable for our client, who received a compensation settlement of £130,000, putting his claim for damages to rest once and for all. Our client was elated with the result, finding assurance in the financial means to replace his prosthetic finger in the years ahead.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of seeking specialized guidance from a personal injury lawyer. As exemplified here, expert legal counsel can help maximize the value of a claim and significantly enhance the claimant’s quality of life through the engagement of relevant experts.

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Steven Evans
Specialist Work Accident Solicitor



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“In difficult circumstances my husband was given excellent advice and assistance so that his case could be pursued. It was dealt with in an exceptionally caring, diligent and professional manner which led to a successful outcome.”


“What a great experience dealing with WE Solicitors. From the day they took my case on til the day it was resolved I received nothing but great communication, excellent service and exceptional professionalism throughout.”

Alex Surace

“Kept me informed the whole way through the process. The claim required minimal effort on my part as my solicitor did all the hard work for me. The settlement we finally agreed on was far higher than I expected at the start of the process.”

Mr Hughes