Consumer Protection

It can cost you time and money or even put you and your family in danger when goods or services are not up to scratch.

Consumer protection laws are in place to protect individuals from harm caused by faulty goods or services. If you have been sold goods or services that do not meet reasonable standards, you may be entitled to compensation.
Common examples of consumer protection claims include faulty or dangerous products, mis-sold financial products such as payment protection insurance (PPI), and poor quality services such as building work or home repairs.

At WE Solicitors, our experienced lawyers can help you navigate the complex world of consumer protection law and fight for the compensation you deserve. We will work with you to gather evidence, build a strong case, and negotiate with the other party to reach a fair settlement. If necessary, we will also represent you in court.

Common types consumer protection cases

Product liability: Cases where a product causes harm or injury to the consumer due to defects or inadequate warnings.

Misrepresentation: Cases where a company makes false or misleading claims about a product or service.

Unfair trading practices: Cases where a company uses aggressive or deceptive tactics to sell products or services.

Consumer credit disputes: Cases where a consumer disputes charges, interest rates, or fees related to credit cards, loans, or other forms of credit.

Leasing disputes: Cases where a consumer disputes charges, fees, or terms related to leasing a product, such as a car or appliance.

Insurance disputes: Cases where a consumer disputes a claim denial, coverage dispute, or other issue related to insurance.

Bank charges disputes: Cases where a consumer disputes charges, fees, or interest related to banking products, such as overdrafts or credit cards.

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What our clients have to say…

“In difficult circumstances my husband was given excellent advice and assistance so that his case could be pursued. It was dealt with in an exceptionally caring, diligent and professional manner which led to a successful outcome.”


“What a great experience dealing with WE Solicitors. From the day they took my case on til the day it was resolved I received nothing but great communication, excellent service and exceptional professionalism throughout.”

Alex Surace

“Kept me informed the whole way through the process. The claim required minimal effort on my part as my solicitor did all the hard work for me. The settlement we finally agreed on was far higher than I expected at the start of the process.”

Mr Hughes